The Milford Hospital motto is "The Patient First."

Milford Hospital's mission, vision and values are present throughout the organization and are supported every day by the actions of our employees and physicians. The Milford Hospital motto is "The Patient First."

Mission Statement

The mission of Milford Hospital is to effectively and efficiently provide high quality, healthcare services in a modern and safe environment, by anticipating and exceeding the needs of patients, physicians and all of our customers with excellence, convenience and compassion.

As a community healthcare center, Milford Hospital is committed to remaining in the forefront of the clinical, technological, and electronic information advances that make the continuous delivery of high-quality, cost-effective healthcare services possible.

Milford Hospital recognizes that the quality of human resources – staff, physicians and volunteers – is the key to continued success and therefore strives to create an environment of teamwork and participation where, through continuous quality improvement and a focus on patient safety, people pursue excellence and take pride in the quality of their work and the organization.

Milford Hospital engages in a wide range of health educational activities designed to meet the educational needs of patients, staff, physicians and the community.

Vision Statement

To maintain dynamic leadership in the provision of quality, cost effective, diagnostic, therapeutic, and related healthcare services in our suburban areas.

Core Values

  • Quality
  • Teamwork
  • Customer Service
  • Productivity & Efficiency