"Delivering" the childbirth experience you and your family envision.

Milford Hospital's Family Childbirth Center takes pride in our ability to combine family centered care with clinical expertise and advanced technology. We understand that having a baby is one of the most important events in your life. Our staff shares a common goal with you: to "deliver" the childbirth experience you envision for yourself and your new baby.

Perhaps the most unique feature of a birthing experience at our Family Childbirth Center, is the beloved tradition of Brahms Lullaby playing throughout Milford Hospital to announce the birth of each new baby!

Visiting Policies and Phone Number

11:00am – 8:00pm Daily
24 hour visitation – Father / Support Person

Healthy siblings are the only children permitted to visit and must be accompanied by an adult.
Phone number: 203.876.4140

A Comfortable, Safe and Nurturing Environment

Every detail of the Family Childbirth Center at Milford Hospital Family is designed for the care, comfort, safety and convenience of mothers-to-be and their families. Our distinctive facilities feature:

Private Patient Rooms

At Milford Hospital you will have a private birthing suite for your labor, delivery, recovery and post-partum care. Each well appointed and spacious room will have a private bathroom with shower, an infant isolette for "rooming in," and convertible chair /bed for Dad. It is fully equipped with everything you will need for delivery, including an advanced fetal monitoring system.

Operating Room

Whether planned or unexpected, should it become necessary, the Family Childbirth Center has an operating room used exclusively for Cesarean-section deliveries right in the unit.

Newborn Nursery

At the heart of our Family Childbirth Center is the Newborn Nursery. While we encourage "rooming in" after your baby is born, the nursery is staffed 24 hours a day to care for your baby and to provide support and education to the new mom. Our nursery also features special care equipment including sophisticated incubators that can provide a temperature controlled environment and constant monitoring of babies with special needs.

Highly Trained and Compassionate Staff

The Milford Hospital Family Childbirth Center team of caregivers includes exceptional and experienced obstetricians, nurses and anesthesiologists. 100% of the Family Childbirth Center staff and support team are certified in Fetal Monitoring and Neonatal Resuscitation. We also have a Certified Lactation Consultant on staff for breastfeeding guidance and support.

Neonatal Resuscitation Program

Our professionals are committed to excellence in the care of the neonate. The entire obstetrical, nursing, pediatric, emergency department and anesthesiology staff at Milford Hospital are nationally certified in Neonatal Resuscitation every two years. This nationally recognized program is the standard of care worldwide.

Family Waiting Area

Childbirth is a family affair! Our center welcomes family participation in the birth experience. We offer a Family Waiting area with comfortable seating, a television and VCR and other activities for siblings of the newborn. A family kitchen is also available in the center.

Maternal, Newborn and Family Services

All our Family Childbirth Center services provide first class care with the comforts and convenience of home. Your maternity experience at Milford Hospital includes:

  • Access to Family Birthing Classes and Programs
  • Multiple modes of pain control and management during labor
  • Hydrotherapy whirlpool bath available
  • Optional "Rooming In"
  • 24 hour visitation for Dad
  • 24 hour "Room Service" available for the new moms nutritional needs
  • Advanced Neonatal Monitoring equipment
  • Newborn evaluation and testing
  • Universal hearing screening for newborns
  • Newborn jaundice evaluation and treatment
  • Breastfeeding and lactation support
  • Advanced infant security system
  • Immediate collaboration with and transport to Connecticut's Intensive Care Nurseries if needed
  • Case Management and Family Support services
  • Young Parent Program
  • Special gourmet dinner for new parents prior to discharge
  • Newborn photos

Prepared Childbirth Education Class

An in-depth series designed to give the expectant mom and birth partner an understanding of birth options and coping skills for labor and delivery. Participants will learn about the birth process, various relaxation and breathing techniques, prenatal exercises, postpartum and medical interventions in labor and delivery. Classes are offered one evening a week for four weeks. For those who are unable to attend the evening classes, a 2-session Saturday class is available.

Class taught by:Stephanie Ricci, RN, Certified Childbirth Educator

Register online or call the Community Education Department at 203-876-4004

Baby Steps to Parenting Class

This one-session class is designed for new parents to be. Through discussion, demonstration, hands on practice and video, you will learn the skills needed to care for your newborn baby. Topics include bathing; diapering, feeding, infant safety and other information that will help you smoothly transition into your new role as parents.

Fee: $15 per couple

Register online or call the Community Education Department at 203-876-4004

Breastfeeding Class

Thinking about breastfeeding your baby? This single, two-hour class covers basic breastfeeding management through discussion and two short videos. Topics include first hours and days after birth, importance of skin-to-skin contact, latching and positioning, frequency of nursing, understanding milk supply, common challenges in the early weeks, basic self help and more.

Fee: $15 per couple

Register online or call the Community Education Department at 203-876-4004

Family Childbirth Center Tour

A tour of the Family Childbirth Center is offered to all expectant parents. Arrangements are made by appointment and can tours can be taken at any time during pregnancy. For more information or to schedule a tour, call the Family Childbirth Center 203.876.4140.

Big Brothers & Sisters Class

A free class and tour of the Milford Hospital Family Childbirth Center will help prepare big brothers and sisters to be (3 to 7 years old), for the birth of their new baby. Children learn the importance of hand washing at the "magic sink" and gain a better understanding of where their mom will be staying when their sibling is born. The children love to explain to other family members the rules about visiting, where the Family Room is located and the need for quiet in the hallways. When returning to visit their mom and new baby, the children are less apprehensive, feel like they belong here and their important role of being a sibling is recognized by our staff.

Register online or call the Community Education Department at 203-876-4004

Young Parent Program of Milford

The Young Parent Program of Milford serves those aged 21 and younger who are pregnant and /or young parents. We offer CONFIDENTIAL supportive counseling and guidance. Our services include:

  • Information on Medical Care and Medical Insurance
  • Short-Term Counseling - Before, During and After Delivery
  • Childbirth Classes
  • Assistance with Educational and Vocational Plans
  • Parenting Information
  • Child Development Information, Child Care Options and Preschool Program Referrals
  • Nutritional and Healthcare Guidance
  • Family Planning
  • Parent/Child Playgroup
  • Home Visitation
  • Support Services Offered at Jonathan Law, Foran High, and Platt Vocational School and The Academy

Free childbirth education classes. For more information visit our website www.youngparentprogram.org or call 203-876-4285