We're very insurance-friendly.

Thank you for choosing Milford Hospital for your health care needs. Milford Hospital participates with a multitude of insurance providers, including most HMOs, PPOs, commercial insurers and Medicare and Medicaid.

Please contact your insurance company for verification of specific network coverage as well as individual plan requirements regarding referrals, authorizations and co-pay/deductible amounts.

Facts About Your Hospital Bill

Your hospital bill includes charges for services provided by the hospital. These include: nursing care, medications, room, meals, housekeeping and linen services. In addition it may include services ordered by your physician; such as, laboratory tests, X-rays, and medical supplies. The hospital bill does not include the professional charges for your physician. Nor does it include charges for other physicians that assisted in your care, such as radiologist, anesthesiologist, pathologist, or other consulting physicians. You will receive a separate bill from these physicians.

For questions regarding your bill,
please call Patient Accounts at 203.876.4138.

Medicare / Medicaid Education and Assistance

If you are a senior citizen or disabled and have questions about your health insurance options, please call the Milford Hospital Volunteer Services office at 203.876-4062 to set up an appointment with a CHOICES Volunteer. Specially trained volunteers can assist you with accessing services.

If you prefer, you can call the Connecticut Agency on Aging at (800) 994-9422. Our specially trained volunteers can provide information and assistance regarding Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare Rx and Supplemental Insurance. They can also assist with determining your eligibility for and access to any additional services you may require. If you prefer, you can call the Connecticut Agency on Aging at (800) 994-9422.